Thursday, July 24, 2014

SP Barcelona- Rio Acima Letter 2

Dear Family & Friends,

Bom dia! This week was a good one. Our teaching pool is growing and we are
finding more people who are willing and ready to accept the gospel.
Sometimes we have to talk to what seems like a million people before we
find the "one", but the Lord has prepared people for us to meet and I know
they are out there!

Tuesday we had interviews with President Farnes and it was exactly what I
needed to give me that reassurance about my area and how things are going
here. He helped me realize I am doing a lot better than I think I am!
President Farnes talked to me about recognizing God's hand in every hour
and every moment of the mission. The best way I can combat disappointment
and frustration is to count my blessings and continue to look for tender
mercies to "find joy in the journey". I am so grateful for President Farnes
and his family. When I told him how much they remind me of my own, he was
very touched and started to cry. Tender moment! He prayed for me at the end
of our interview, specifically for things I needed, things I didn't even
talk to him about. He is very in tune with the Spirit. I have no doubt that
he was called of God to be our mission president here in São Paulo North!

Thursday we had exchanges with our sister training leaders and I spent the
day in area Votorantim with Sister Vaughn. It was a really good day! Sister
Vaughn is from Pennsylvania and goes home in October. I admire her
Portuguese and I am determined to speak as well as she does. One thing I
learned from her is the importance of teaching PEOPLE, not just lessons. I
feel like I have gotten into a bit of a routine with what I say for each
lesson, mostly because it's Portuguese and I had to memorize phrases to
help me learn. But now that I have more vocabulary, I undertand the
importance of teaching the individual, according to what they specifically
need. Not just teach them how the gospel was restored, but why they
individually need the message of the Restoration and how it applies to
them. Not just to read a scipture about baptism, but a scripture that
applies to their concerns and will help them personally develop stronger
faith to be baptized. Of course, this requires listening to the promptings
of the Spirit, because Heavenly Father knows His children so much better
than we do!

We had an investigator at church yesterday named Eduardo. He is 30 years
old and very intelligent. So intelligent that he thinks too much and can't
accept the fact that God is literally our Father. But somehow, someway, he
felt the desire to "come and see" what church was all about! He
participated in gospel principles and enjoyed Sacrament meeting. We talked
to him after about how he felt and he told us religion is to much of a
culture thing for him, he can't bring himself to accept religion as
something to develop his relationship with God. So we gave him a simple
challenge: to pray and simply ask God, His Father in Heaven, if he was
there, if He truly was listening to Eduardo, if He loved him and cared
about him individually. He reluctantly accepted, knowing it would require a
humble and open heart. We are going back to follow-up tonight. I know that
if Eduardo truly prays with sincere, real intent, the Lord will help him
feel that he truly is a Son of God. What a simple truth I often take for
granted. I am so grateful to know my divine nature, that we truly are
children of God!

Time for a quick funny story: We invited a guy named Fernando to come to
church with us and we planned to stop at house and walk with him there.
Sunday morning we pass by his house and notice a small note, written in
English, on the gate:

"Sister, I not can go in the crush with you. I'm sorry. This is very could."

HAHAHAHA. The best part? He is an English professor.

I am thankful that Heavenly Father gives me opportunities like this to just
take a moment and laugh.

I hope you all have an awesome week, filled with much laughter and joy!
Sempre Sorria,
Sister Jorgensen

P.S. Pics of our area! Yes, we had to battle a rainy day this week, but thankfully wasn't too bad. I am surprised it doesn't rain here more than it does... knock on wood... LOVE YOU ALL! Tchau

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