Monday, January 5, 2015

Itapetininga Letter 3

Dear Family & Friends,

This week flew by SO fast! New Years Eve and New Years Day were normal for us and we were able to teach a lot of people because no one was working. We used Alma 13:21-22 that talks about how now is the moment and we were able to invite lots to be baptized! People are really receptive to changing their lives during this season of the new year. Still can't believe it's 2015!

On Friday we had our mission leadership counsel meeting with President and Sister Farnes. All the zone leaders, district leaders, and sister training leaders were there. We had a special training on obedience and attitude, and we discussed ways we can be examples and help the other missionaries in their work. We talked about the story of Peter walking on the water and how Christ helped him when he fell, how we are here to rescue our investigators, members, and perhaps most importantly, our companions and other missionaries around us. President Farnes has a vision to "resgatar", which means ransom or redeem, more or less to rescue. And this is what we are going to do!!!

This week we did a special exchange with Sister Kurtem and Sister Silva after Sister Kurtem sprained her ankle and had to stay in for the day. My companion Sister Vogel stayed with her and I was able to work with Sister Silva in her area. It was an afternoon of miracles! We found a less-active we didn't know existed and we were able to put 2 people on date for baptism. I really enjoyed teaching with Sister Silva and working with her. I think this is what I am going to like most about this calling: getting to know the other sisters and learning from them!
Bruno came to church again yesterday and he brought his mom Patricia, his sister Gabriela, and his 6 year old daughter Stefani! It was so sweet to see them at church together! Bruno told us he is changing his life for his daughter because he doesn't want her to be scared of him anymore. His baptism will be Saturday!!!!

We had another investigator at church yesterday named Demi. When we found her last week she told us she was done with religion and didn't want to hear about church because all they want is money. For some reason (inspiration of God of course) she let us in her house and we were able to share a short Christmas message. When we returned this week, we taught her the Restoration and she accepted a baptism date for January 17th! She told us she was ready to find the true church. It was truly a miracle. People change when their hearts are touched.

When President Farnes arrived this past year, he established a theme for our mission. The theme is LîVE. Little Victories Everday and forget about "i" (that's why it has a little carrot).

2015 is my year to LîVE. I am going to LIVE every moment of these last 2 transfers. I am going to LIVE my calling as a sister training leader and do all I can to be an example and help the other sisters. I am going to LIVE as a representative of Jesus Christ and invite everyone in my path to follow Him and LIVE. And when I return home, I am going to LIVE and apply my mission every day.

John 17:3 This is life eternal. This is what is truly means to LIVE.
Let's make 2015 our year to LîVE! Love and miss you all!

Seja Valente e Fiel,
Sister Jorgensen 

P.S. Pic is with the daughters of a less-active we found. Unfortunately they didn't make it to church yesterday, but don't worry, next week we'll throw water on them or something. The other pic of all the sister training leaders at the leadership conference.

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